The Orphan Part 13

The night of the play, Brayden slept fitfully. He dreamed of a woman with honey-blond hair chased by men with swords. She cried and wailed as they stole something away from her. He felt he should do something but he could only watch as the men dragged her away. He opened his eyes and shuddered, … Continue reading The Orphan Part 13


The Orphan: Part Twelve

Henry didn’t have to check to make sure the odd, tall, red-headed girl and her horse were following him. He could hear them both tramping through the forest. Smoke’s reins hung loosely in his hand as the well-trained horse walked beside him. There was something familiar about this girl but he hadn’t figured it out … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Twelve

The Orphan: Part Eleven

Katherine Katherine was awakened from her nap by Paladin nudging her with his nose. He stomped his foot then looked off into the forest. She sat up slowly and listened hard for whatever alerted him. Then she heard it. The rustling and crunching of another horse’s footsteps on the forest floor. She stood and gestured … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Eleven

The Orphan: Part Ten

Brayden Brayden stood on the low platform while the tailors shuffled about at his feet. They used various lengths of string to capture his measurements and record them on parchment. He yawned and allowed himself to slouch. Burke tapped his shoulder, “Stand straight, my prince. If the tailors have inaccurate measures, your costume for the … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Ten

The Orphan: Part Nine

Henry Henry was pleased to find his tools still locked in the wooden tool chest built onto the side of the goat shed. He got to work removing the big branch and repairing the shed roof. He didn’t have everything he needed to make it pretty but it would be serviceable to shelter his steed. … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Nine

The Orphan: Part 8

Katherine Katherine kept to the woods to avoid meeting anymore strangers. The big horse was following along with her on his own. He had been worked hard. That was clear from the sores on his back and sides. His skin was rubbed raw from a harness that likely hadn’t been fastened correctly besides overworking the … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 8

The Orphan: Part 7

Part 7: Brayden King Grinden’s seat was conspicuously empty when Brayden entered the great hall. In fact, he was the first arrive in the vast room. Well, except for the servants who quickly brought mead and the platters of food. Brayden sipped from his cup and watched them come and go. When the girl rushed … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 7