Deals for December 22, 2015

The sky may be cloudy today but I'm deciding it's a great day! It's day two of my three day work week and Christmas is just days away. I can't wait to watch everyone open their gifts. I only have a couple of deals for you today. A couple my favorite games are available as … Continue reading Deals for December 22, 2015


Discounts for December 17, 2015

Good morning and happy Thursday! It's the last day of my workweek so that means I'm a very happy person. Working a 4-day week is a really great benefit of my seniority at my job. On to the deals! Amazon has some fun stuff for us today. We have the usual offering of Kindle Daily … Continue reading Discounts for December 17, 2015

A Worthy Project

If you've been reading my blog you already know I love computer games.  My first MMORPG was actually City of Heroes.  I had previously declared I would never pay a monthly fee to play a game but a friend bought a copy for my husband-to-be and I instantly fell in love with the game.  Later … Continue reading A Worthy Project

Games Post: Hoping to Beta

Happy Thursday!  Many of you are reaching the end of your work weeks.  For me, it's today!  I'm lucky enough to have an amazing shift with four ten hour days.  I can tell you that it's great to have three days off especially when it's Friday through Sunday.  Since the week is nearing the end, … Continue reading Games Post: Hoping to Beta

A Lazy Sunday

Although I originally had planned to be working overtime today, I decided to have the day off.  So I find myself in front of the computer.  I realize it's been too long since my last post so here I sit writing.  I recently finished reading Paladins of Shannara: The Weapons Master's Choice by Terry Brooks. … Continue reading A Lazy Sunday