The Orphan: Part Five

My sister's wedding was this weekend. I love weddings. There's so much positive energy around an event like that. Family and friends all gather to wish the couple a happy future. It was a good one. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming (though a day late) I bring you the next piece of … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Five


The Prince

My apologies for the lateness of this post! It was supposed to be scheduled for yesterday and I became distracted. It's story time! Part Two: The Prince The deep ringing of the church bell covered the sound of the last sword strike against Brayden’s armor. He lost his footing again and fell to the side. … Continue reading The Prince

The Orphan

Good day to you! It's story time! I had inspiration today for a new story which I plan to write in parts which will be released for free on my blog each Sunday. You can subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. In Facebook and Twitter you can choose to get … Continue reading The Orphan

Happy New Year!

Like so many others, 2016 has felt like a very difficult year. That feeling fades away with the start of the new year. Though it might be a construction, January 1 really felt like a new start. At the very least, it's a marker for setting aside the past and moving forward. As the first … Continue reading Happy New Year!

What’s Her Story?

I wrote this story today after seeing a meme on Facebook. I don't really know the story of the woman in the photo and I won't be including the photo here. Let's just say that it's a woman and she's dressed in a way that some find amusing or even ugly because of her body … Continue reading What’s Her Story?