Oriana: Home Stretch

I'm grateful to all of my beta readers for giving of their time to read and give feedback on Oriana. They all gave me some really good stuff so there's a lot to work through. Although all of the suggestions won't be incorporated, I'm learning from it. Like any creative, I'm constantly improving my craft … Continue reading Oriana: Home Stretch


Names in Oriana

This is the second post in my series about my upcoming debut novel, Oriana. In the previous post, I talked about where the story idea came from and how it developed into the story it is now. This time, I'm going to talk about names. I'm a role player, meaning I play games like Dungeons … Continue reading Names in Oriana

Oriana Summer Book Launch

I did it. The edits to Oriana were finished on time and I sent the proof copy to my beta readers last Sunday. I'm nervous excited to have my work in the hands of others. It's a scary thought. But I'm thrilled and feeling amazing at the same time. I'm so grateful to everyone that … Continue reading Oriana Summer Book Launch

Beta Reader Details!

I’m looking for beta readers for Oriana, a science fiction novel.   A beta reader is someone that reads an advanced draft of a novel for the author to provide feedback. This helps the author improve the story through editing. It’s helpful because we’re very close to our own work so we sometimes miss things. For … Continue reading Beta Reader Details!

Oriana Update!

I've been pretty quiet about my progress on my novel. This has been for a number of reasons. Mainly, a lack of progress. I'll make no excuses for that. I owe it to myself and others to be honest. I struggle with anxiety and sometimes with depression. I know I'm not alone in this. But … Continue reading Oriana Update!

Book Review: Self-Editing on a Penny by Ashlyn Forge

Self-Editing on a Penny Ashlyn Forge Genre: Reference (Writing) Independent writers face most of their challenges when their draft is finished. Sure, you go through and do your first edit yourself but then what? You’ll see advice everywhere that you should hire a professional editor. In fact, there are several types of editors you’re supposed … Continue reading Book Review: Self-Editing on a Penny by Ashlyn Forge

So Much To Do

My last post was at the start of the month. I didn't intend to go all the way the end without posting but that's exactly what happened. I do have some updates to share though. My friend's Kickstarter project fully funded and, after a series of back and forth communications, the short story I wrote … Continue reading So Much To Do