Many of these are in my own podcast feed. I’ve also added a couple others that I haven’t had a chance to sample myself. I know I’m missing some. If you have a favorite that I missed, let me know! 


Writing Excuses: A short (usually 15 minutes) podcast hosted by a group of traditionally published authors including Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and more.

Novel Marketing: James L. Rubart and Thomas Umstattd tackle topics related to the business and marketing of written work. Topics vary but I’ve always found them interested and informative. Their publishing schedule isn’t too consistent but it’s worth adding to your podcast feed.

Dead Robots’ Society: Independent writers Paul E. Cooley and Terry Mixon host this podcast which covers a myriad of topics related to publishing as an indie author. They also discuss written works with a mind to what works and what doesn’t. I like the honesty of the conversations on this one and they’ve been good company for my long commute. Best of all, after an episode of DRS I feel validated in what I’m doing.

Helping Writers Become Authors: Host and published author K.M. Weiland is an excellent host. Each episode presents topics about the craft of writing. Her website is a wonderful resources as well and she has multiple books aimed at helping writers find success.

Grammar Girl: Mignon Fogarty is the entertaining host of this short podcast which presents grammar tips and information. Each episode is bite-sized and fascinating. Grammar is an often overlooked important part of the writing process. I’ve read so many indie books with great stories but many grammar errors. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about grammar but I learn a lot from Grammar Girl. We can all stand to brush up a bit.

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