Movie Review: Ocean’s 8

The ladies killed it! I was so thrilled to hear how well Ocean's 8 did on opening weekend but disappointed I wasn't part of those first viewers. This is one I couldn't miss in the theater though. The film did not disappoint. All of the ladies were stunning and performed their roles better than I … Continue reading Movie Review: Ocean’s 8


TV Review: Lost In Space (Netflix)

Lost In Space (Netflix) Netflix has given us 10 episodes of science fiction goodness with everything I could have hoped for and much I didn't even expect. The poster above shows a little boy and a robot but don't take it at face value. This is not the Lost in Space of my childhood (which I … Continue reading TV Review: Lost In Space (Netflix)

Movie Review: Warcraft

If you've read anything about the Warcraft movie, you've probably seen that the critics have not liked it. There's a good reason for that. This movie wasn't made for the critics. It was made for fans of Warcraft and fans of fantasy in general. That generally isn't going to be the critics. Warcraft isn't making a … Continue reading Movie Review: Warcraft

Movie Review: Batman V. Superman

Despite the negative reviews, my husband and I went to see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice today. I am so glad that we did. We went in with pretty low expectations. I had seen all of the trailers and read or heard some reviews. I had acquaintances that had seen the film as well. … Continue reading Movie Review: Batman V. Superman

One Fifth!

I just broke the 10k words mark!  Hooray!  That's still a bit behind the goal of 11,666 by the end of today but I know I can get there.  I had hoped to get well ahead of goal this week since I have been on vacation but the lure of other fun things has taken … Continue reading One Fifth!

Movies, Books, and SHOPPING!

The weather last night was perfect for the drive-in movie theater.  Luckily my husband had thought to check what was playing because it was Kick Ass 2 with Elysium.  Both movies were ones we wanted to see but with money tight we can't justify going to the theater very often.  So, on the spur of … Continue reading Movies, Books, and SHOPPING!

What a Weekend!

I apologize for the tardiness of my post.  I intended to post yesterday, as usual, however events distracted me.  Since Friday was the start of my time off, we had decided to catch Iron Man 3 at the drive-in movie theater.  We're lucky to have a great drive-in theater and I've waited all winter for … Continue reading What a Weekend!