New Cover!

The book has a new cover! I've been feeling excitement around my book again and I felt it needed a new visual so here it is. You can get chapter one by signing up for my newsletter. And you won't miss a thing when the book is done!  


Where Has Time Gone?

It seems that I haven't posted anything in quite a long while.  Let's see if I can remedy that.  I'm going to try posting more regularly even though the posts are likely to be pretty random.  But then, what do you expect from a halfing?  (Even one that's clearly overgrown.)  Anywho, I think I'll just … Continue reading Where Has Time Gone?

Road Trip 2011 Day 5 – Johnson Space Center

The Johnson Space Center was so much more than I expected.  We definitely got our money's worth on the tickets (which we had for half price from their website).  They opened an hour earlier than normal, at 9 am and we were there before 9:30.  We had our choice of parking (they do charge for … Continue reading Road Trip 2011 Day 5 – Johnson Space Center