The Orphan: Part Nine

Henry Henry was pleased to find his tools still locked in the wooden tool chest built onto the side of the goat shed. He got to work removing the big branch and repairing the shed roof. He didn’t have everything he needed to make it pretty but it would be serviceable to shelter his steed. … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Nine


The Orphan: Part 8

Katherine Katherine kept to the woods to avoid meeting anymore strangers. The big horse was following along with her on his own. He had been worked hard. That was clear from the sores on his back and sides. His skin was rubbed raw from a harness that likely hadn’t been fastened correctly besides overworking the … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 8

The Orphan: Part 7

Part 7: Brayden King Grinden’s seat was conspicuously empty when Brayden entered the great hall. In fact, he was the first arrive in the vast room. Well, except for the servants who quickly brought mead and the platters of food. Brayden sipped from his cup and watched them come and go. When the girl rushed … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 7

The Orphan: Part 6

Part 6: Horse He walked slowly beneath the trees. Branches bumped his head and tickled his sides and back sometimes. He lifted his head and sampled the leaves from several trees. It wasn’t like the grass. His legs felt heavy but he kept moving. The other would not be happy to discover he was gone. … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 6

The Orphan: Part Five

My sister's wedding was this weekend. I love weddings. There's so much positive energy around an event like that. Family and friends all gather to wish the couple a happy future. It was a good one. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming (though a day late) I bring you the next piece of … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Five

The Orphan: Part Four

Busy times! My sister's wedding approaches very soon. Then my birthday is coming up. I'm working on the novel edits. And it's just been all-around busy. I didn't want to miss bringing the next part of the story to you. I hope you enjoy! Part Four: The Horse His skin flinched at each crack of … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Four

The Orphan (Part 3)

Good day friends! This is quite overdue to you but I hope you will forgive me. Have a wonderful Sunday. My love to you all. Part Three: The Orphan Katherine walked rapidly through the village while looking straight ahead. She took no notice of the villagers that paused to look at her curiously as she … Continue reading The Orphan (Part 3)