TV Review: The Handmaid’s Tale Season Season 3 (so far)

I did a review on The Handmaid's Tale previously and, they had me worried for a minute that they might lose me. But holy cow! Mild spoilers ahead! I was excited for the new season and restarted my Hulu subscription to jump in right away. I wasn't disappointed. The first few episodes were great. Then … Continue reading TV Review: The Handmaid’s Tale Season Season 3 (so far)


The Orphan: 18

Katherine shot to her feet when the knight dropped to his knees. Her skin was covered with goose bumps. No one had knelt before her in this way since she was five years of age. She wanted to run, jump on Paladin’s back and ride as fast and far as she could. Instead, she forced … Continue reading The Orphan: 18

TV Review: Jessica Jones Season 3

The third and final season of Jessica Jones is available on Netflix. Jessica isn't a typical superhero. She's rough, angry, and drinks too much. She's super strong and solves a lot of problems with brute strength. I love her. Haven't seen the first two seasons? No problem. Binge those first. You'll need the context. Episodes … Continue reading TV Review: Jessica Jones Season 3

The Orphan: Part Seventeen

Brayden sat at his father’s right hand. He shifted again on the hard wooden chair. King Grinden’s chair stood quite a bit taller and was cushioned with a thick red pillow. The great hall echoed with the voices of guests that night. They were members of noble families that had traveled to the capital for … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Seventeen

The Orphan: Part 16

When they reached his cottage, Henry realized he hadn’t thought this through. The girl was here now but where would she sleep? They both dismounted and he pondered the problem while they unloaded the horses and removed their tack. Smoke continued to ignore Paladin when they were released in the yard. He wandered and grazed … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 16

The Orphan: Part 15

Katherine moved slowly as she outfitted Paladin with his new tack. He stood still but sometimes turned his head to watch her. She was equally aware of Henry watching her. When he mentioned forcing Paladin to let her ride, she stayed facing Paladin and closed her eyes for a moment before responding. “He seems to … Continue reading The Orphan: Part 15

TV Review: Hanna, Season 1

Amazon Studios (Amazon Prime)Season Year: 2019Genre: Action, DramaCreator: David FarrStarring: Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Rhianne Barreto Hanna is a remake of the 2011 movie of the same name. But here’s the thing, I had forgotten all about the movie. So I watched this with no idea it was a remake until I was … Continue reading TV Review: Hanna, Season 1