TV Review: Good Omens

Good Omens (Amazon Prime) stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant as Aziraphale and Crowley, an angel and a demon and is based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I watched the series mainly because of David Tennant. He was brilliant as Doctor Who and I can't get enough of him. So, here … Continue reading TV Review: Good Omens


The Orphan: Twenty; Henry’s Story

Henry wondered how she could be so calm, so composed. He thought maybe this young woman could be the ruler the kingdom needed. He cleared his throat and forced himself to keep eye contact with the princess. It wasn’t easy as her green eyes drilled into him. ****** For me, it starts the year you … Continue reading The Orphan: Twenty; Henry’s Story

My Routine Was Derailed

I really like routine. I'm a creature of habit and scheduling. I want things to be organized, calendared, and planned in advance. Surprises are not something I usually enjoy. But this week was full of surprises, not the welcome kind. So I owe you an explanation for my failure to provide the next part of … Continue reading My Routine Was Derailed

TV Review: Stranger Things Season Three

I love Netflix. Getting a whole season of a show all at once is great! But the downside is, like a bag of potato chips, it's hard to stop. So I binged this entire season of Stranger Things in three days. I know, some folks did it in one day. But I fit it into … Continue reading TV Review: Stranger Things Season Three

The Orphan: 19

Katherine's Story Katherine and Henry sat opposite each other at the little table in the cottage. A breeze blew in from the open window and shook the cobwebs in the corners. The smell of dust and old things still filled the small room. Henry waited in silence for the princess to begin her tale. Katherine … Continue reading The Orphan: 19

TV Review: The Handmaid’s Tale Season Season 3 (so far)

I did a review on The Handmaid's Tale previously and, they had me worried for a minute that they might lose me. But holy cow! Mild spoilers ahead! I was excited for the new season and restarted my Hulu subscription to jump in right away. I wasn't disappointed. The first few episodes were great. Then … Continue reading TV Review: The Handmaid’s Tale Season Season 3 (so far)

The Orphan: 18

Katherine shot to her feet when the knight dropped to his knees. Her skin was covered with goose bumps. No one had knelt before her in this way since she was five years of age. She wanted to run, jump on Paladin’s back and ride as fast and far as she could. Instead, she forced … Continue reading The Orphan: 18