It’s Almost Here!

Saturday January 19 is almost here! I'm looking forward to releasing my creation to the world. And I'm more than a little scared too. But it has to be done! Onward! Have you signed up for my email newsletter yet? Make sure you sign up through this link. Don't worry, you can't accidentally sign up … Continue reading It’s Almost Here!


Book Launch Giveaway!

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Book Launch Announcement

The wait is over! I finished editing Oriana today. What a way to start the new year! I've selected January 19 as my launch day. It just feels right. So, on January 19, 2019, you'll be able to pick up your copy of Oriana in eBook form from if you so desire. Don't want … Continue reading Book Launch Announcement

Oriana Book Cover!

The recurring story posts have been on hiatus for a while. I hit a roadblock of the mental and emotional kind. But I've crossed over that hump and I'm back. This time of year is an emotional charge for me. I'm lucky to feel such a rush of positivity around the winter holidays. For anyone … Continue reading Oriana Book Cover!

The Orphan: Part Five

My sister's wedding was this weekend. I love weddings. There's so much positive energy around an event like that. Family and friends all gather to wish the couple a happy future. It was a good one. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming (though a day late) I bring you the next piece of … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Five

The Orphan: Part Four

Busy times! My sister's wedding approaches very soon. Then my birthday is coming up. I'm working on the novel edits. And it's just been all-around busy. I didn't want to miss bringing the next part of the story to you. I hope you enjoy! Part Four: The Horse His skin flinched at each crack of … Continue reading The Orphan: Part Four

The Orphan (Part 3)

Good day friends! This is quite overdue to you but I hope you will forgive me. Have a wonderful Sunday. My love to you all. Part Three: The Orphan Katherine walked rapidly through the village while looking straight ahead. She took no notice of the villagers that paused to look at her curiously as she … Continue reading The Orphan (Part 3)