>First blog post and random musings


                Starting a blog seems like such a simple thing but when faced with the blank page, I find myself intimidated all over again.  Such is the plight of a writer.  There are times when I can sit and I know exactly what words I want to put on the page and then there are other times when I cannot think of one single thing to put down.  This is one of those times.  And it isn’t very good timing since I have decided to start a blog.
                My dog has decided that the neighbors are not to be trusted.  She sits in the upstairs window looking down into their front room windows and growling at them.  I am of the mindset that windows should have some sort of covering which you open to allow in the light and close when the sun sets to protect your privacy.  I am having a hard time understanding the lack of such coverings which allows the dog to watch their every move as well as their TV and computer.  Even worse, as I walk across the room to my own desk I am apt to glance in the direction of that window and I am frequently getting glimpses into the lives of these new neighbors.    I have so far seen nothing of great interest and am making an effort to avoid looking but it isn’t easy with the placement of the windows.  Perhaps something more interesting will happen or perhaps they will get curtains.
                I am currently reading a book called “The Art of War for Writers” by James Scott Bell.  I picked up the book at Barnes & Noble when I went in for my writer’s magazines and another book.  I had never seen nor heard of the book before so I bought it based only on the cover (front and back) and a glance through the pages.  I am very satisfied with the book, however, and do not at all regret purchasing it.  The book contains a great deal of advice as well as some exercises and some really great motivational material.  There are some bits to bring you back down to earth as well to keep you from becoming too caught up in the spell of your own ego.  Everything is arranged in short passages allowing you to comfortably stop and digest what you have just read before going on or to stop to take action on the information you have just received.  I am very happy so far and expect more of the same from the remaining pages.
                I have been watching the show Caprica on Syfy since the pilot in the hopes of enjoying the same sort of great characters that I enjoyed in Battlestar Galactica.  I thought that the pilot started off very strong but as the episodes progress I still do not feel a real connection to the characters.  I am trying to put my finger on the reason why but I just don’t really care what happens to them.  Anyone else feel the same?
                Legend of the Seeker, on the other hand, continues to entertain me.  I just watched the episode “Princess” on www.hulu.com and I thought it was great fun.  There is still enough action and the characters have really developed beyond where they started.  The writers have done well.  In case you are wondering, yes I have been reading the books.  I am working on the third in the series (“Blood of the Fold” by Terry Goodkind) and I have been enjoying them as well.  To those who do not know, the books are a lot darker than the series and not recommended reading for the very young or faint of heart.  There are some very adult subjects and they are violent.  Since I enjoy both, I chose to separate the two in my head as separate entities that have some similarities.  They must be taken separately on their own merits.