Happy New Year!

Like so many others, 2016 has felt like a very difficult year. That feeling fades away with the start of the new year. Though it might be a construction, January 1 really felt like a new start. At the very least, it's a marker for setting aside the past and moving forward. As the first … Continue reading Happy New Year!


What a Weekend!

I apologize for the tardiness of my post.  I intended to post yesterday, as usual, however events distracted me.  Since Friday was the start of my time off, we had decided to catch Iron Man 3 at the drive-in movie theater.  We're lucky to have a great drive-in theater and I've waited all winter for … Continue reading What a Weekend!

Book Post: Game of Thrones

It's Tuesday and that means book day!  Thanks to my "book pusher" for a new stack of excellent paperbacks.  He's supplied me with so many books that, added to my Kindle library of freebies, I will never run out of things to read.  And, thanks to him, I have been introduced to authors I would … Continue reading Book Post: Game of Thrones

Water, Heat, and Birthdays!

When I wrote my Thursday post, it was actually Wednesday night so it sounded a lot more cheerful than I was really feeling on Thursday morning.  You see we woke up to over a foot of water in the basement due to the heavy rain that fell all night.  Our house does not have a … Continue reading Water, Heat, and Birthdays!

A Lazy Sunday

Although I originally had planned to be working overtime today, I decided to have the day off.  So I find myself in front of the computer.  I realize it's been too long since my last post so here I sit writing. I recently finished reading Paladins of Shannara: The Weapons Master's Choice by Terry Brooks. … Continue reading A Lazy Sunday